Refuel in style.

Welcome to our Motor Oil Bottle.

Vintage moto inspired design and simple functionality. A must have accessory for every vintage two stroke scooterist and motorcyclist.

The Good

Old Stuff.

In an ever growing digital age, we push for the return of analog thrills.

Regularly checking your spark plug, cleaning the carburetor or simply adding oil to the fuel of your vintage two stroke motorcycle.

It's those little ceremonies that we are in love with.

Because Simple simply works.

The integrated measuring compartment on our bottle means you won't ever need a separate measuring cup for the oil additive in your fuel again. Choose your mixing ratio, look up the correct amount of oil on the bottle's back, squeeze and go.

No more oil splashing, spilling or dirty hands!

keep it clean

  • 500ml plastic bottle for motor oil. 25ml measuring reservoire in steps of 5, 10, 15, 20, 25ml.

    The bottle is supplied empty, motor oil is not included.

  • Mixing tables for the most common ratios 1:50, 1:33 and 1:20 help you find the necessary amount of oil additive after filling up with petrol.

  • Just squeeze the bottle to fill the reservoire with the desired oil amount and pour into the tank. No more cleaning of a separate measuring cup.

  • 10,00€ plus a fixed shipping cost of 4,00€ to destinations in Germany. For European and International orders, please get in touch for an individual quote.

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